Develop a clear conscience ... like spring water...

Here are a few facts

80% of the world's wastewater is discharged untreated.

In 200 years, ocean acidity has increased by 30%.

30% of the world's population does not have access to safe water.

The good news is that agro-ecological practices can increase soil water retention capacity from 5 to 10 times. It's up to us!

Our planet's water is distributed as follows:

97% in the seas and oceans

2.2% at poles and in the form of glaciers

0.7% in groundwater

0.1% in lakes and rivers

Fresh water, the most common form used by us, is, in fact, only 0.3% of the planet's water. 

So is a rare and precious resource! Hence the urgent need to conserve water

Notions clés

To turn to water is to return to Life and ...Health!

Indeed, this element touches our deepest needs; individually, communitively and specific to nature:

Drinking, hydration, irrigation (to provide food and to enrich the natural world) 

 Awareness of water Water in awareness

To turn to water is to cp-create both individually and collectively, a destiny benevolent based. 

As Florence Pittolo has repeatedly pointed out, what humanity has still failed to complete or perfect is to change the old myth based on conflicts (between humans, but also with life such as science versus "natural") to the "Myth that will continue positively!"

The basics are learning to recognize what we already have and take care of it.

The mission of humanity ? What if it was to protect and respect life again. "Water" the living by our knowledge and with wisdom.

Develop a clear conscience, like spring water itself.

To show keen insight and good judgment in our choices and actions, so that life becomes fluid again! 

Messages clés

 Why ? 

Some universal laws that we need to integrate and support.

· Nature has its own cycles and needs :

Currently we have no choice, it is necessary for the survival of humanity, all lifeforms & the planet itself. We must urgently address our understanding of what survival actually means. 

. Abundance has its own laws :   

Our water supplies are running out

« We are faced with a failure to recognise that water is not an infinite resource. We must move towards a more measured approach to water conservation, and practice the power of moderation to create more efficient usage and better regulation. (ref. "Alert Notebooks, Water We Are" Pierre Rabhi and Juliette Duquesne, p 205). » 

· Interdependance :

All of us, both individually and collectively are responsible for the protection of our water reserves. Interdependence (relying on, and working with, each other) is a positive force enabling us to live together in harmony, not just us but with all species, each one of us coming from very corner of the planet!

  • Respect and humility: or being able to recognize what "my" function is." 

  • Water is a universal need, therefore access to water is a fundamental human right.

OUR definition of ecology : Being willing to listen to the needs of nature and to provide solutions to protect it. The fact is that nature is so powerful because it always chooses simplicity.

« We must base our water management practices on on fair quotas ». (ref. "Alert Notebooks, Water We Are" Pierre Rabhi and Juliette Duquesne, p. 203)

· As a result "WHY" should we take care of the water?

"Water runs through us, we are all water!" (Ref. Book by Juliette Duquesne and P. Rabhi, p.206)

How ?

Only with a better understaning of water (its characteristics, issues, etc.) and its inextricable connection to all life including us, can we guarantee a healthy future globally?

Because water shares its qualities with us, Florence Pittolo has listed 16 qualities of water and she is still working on it, To date we have conducted various experiments, with different groups, (using thought & meditative practices), to investigate possible connections between these qualities and our deep humam identity.

By focusing & drawing inspiration from the unique qualities of water itself this can bring us peace of mind including:

Approach our everyday lives with clarity & fluidity.

This will give our lives momentum or vitality.

There are properties of water, are they not ? 

We find, personally as a psychologist, that Water is a wonderful tool for personal development and the federal management of a group.

Clarity, fluidity, establishing the link (or separating and discerning "'separating the wheat from the chaff"), transparency,...

From a psychological perspective humans need to be happy healthy to participate in our collective and universal social identity.

Scientific publications on happiness have indicated that participation in the support of associations, groups, eco-movements, philosophical debates, generally increases people's general well being, happiness and positivity.

 Even participating in daily domestic tasks is a well known factor of inner and relational balance, in fact, we do not only "take" but then we develop our capacity to give, help and thus support life.
  This is experienced rapidly, even in children. So, working together (and not isolating ourselves) by participating in charitable or ecological activities is beneficial, for one's personal life as well as for the family and the community, at large.

Thus, water allows us to touch the essential, and much more, to preserve it:

The human being needs healthy food and water to live but also - and this is proven nowadays (pandemic and cataclysms) - it needs beauty, dream, "preserve this forgotten universe" ("Warning notebooks, The water we are" Pierre Rabhi and Juliette Duquesne, p 52) 

A new destiny for humanity awaits!

It is hidden in the information of the drops of water!

Passive, we'll miss it!

Active, we could do it!

A new destiny for humanity awaits!

Our particularities, YOU!