Who are we ? 

Current board members

- Dr. Florence Pittolo, doctor in social psychology, graduate from universities in France, UK, USA. She has been a university professor and an independant international researcher (Sidaction, MAE, French institute Pondicherry), questioning the link between culturelle identity and public health and land. Also a specialist of Asia. She has had many scientific publications, articles, radio and TV interviews. She highlights the current necessity to unite all audiences for the fundamental inescapable questions like the ethical future of humanity on this planet. 

- Dr. Eve Lefrancq, cardiologist, graduate of l'Université Libre de Bruxelles (IUD non invasive imagery, humanitarian mission in Chad, HeartMath specialist, percutaneous hydrotherapy training). She currently practices in the south of France. She is engaged in opening Medicine to more conscious treatments (integrative medicine). She is passionate about the importance of bringing respect and care for water and Life to a larger audience. 

Our Current Membership

- Lionel Altier, France, Canada and Brazil: communications advisor.

- Pete Clark, France, Ireland : english communication advisor and musician.

- Elyse Chadwick, France, Ireland : english communication advisor

- Thierry Robbe, France: webmaster.


Pascal Lorent, France: underwater cameraman.

Juliette Duquesne, France: committed journalist.

And more to come!

Francis José Maria, Gulf of St Tropez, France: education/pedagogy advisor.

Ricardo Petrella, Belgium and Italy: political pole advisor.

Philippe Derruder, Canada: International economist.

Calixto Suarez, Colombia: leader of the Arhuaco people.

Shri Hanuman, France and India: artist and philosopher.France, Canada et Brésil : conseiller de communication.

Comité d'éthique

The inspiration of this project's philosophy comes from many principles, to name but two:

* The "water drop" principle: applicable for man, once a drop of informed water touches a neutral body of water, it transmits the totality of its information. In our project, everyone is at once the initiator, creator and co-responsible for any project initiated.

* The « Interdependant Coherence » Principle : Our reflection is inspired by the qualities of water such as transparency, clarity, reliability, load bearing capacity (...). Thus, each project integrates the law of interdependence of the Life elements to optimise the potential for success by the positive coherence model inspired by water.
It is time to include the world's wisdom traditions based on solid ethical principles to our contemporary technical advances.

« Healthy innovation for a sustainable ethical code »

Join us!


An Ethics Committee will be set up, principally composed of people from outside the internal teams.

The legal structures will allow a high visibility of all of our actions. For more details, see the FWCP Federative Water Consciousness Program project with its trans- disciplinary poles (scientific, artistic, legal, media, etc) :

This will facilitate the meeting of professionals for approximately one week a year to produce the necessary documentation and to innovate etc.

As a priority, we will set up a deontological (ethical rules) based approach to all our "In To Water" projects.

Both traditional wisdoms (spiritual, philosophical) and the sciences can be found throughout "Active Principles".

This is essentially non-profit making activity, allowing the reinvestment of any profits to be used in support the programme, for the direct benefit of water.

Our philosophy 

Do you love water?

Fact : Water loves us !

Did you know that during water's cycle, it changes form 7 times (ice, steam ...).
Did you know that scientists recently discovered, while following the luminosity flowing through water or over certain materials that water's molecular structure changes (i.e. G Pollack).

Even better, are you conscious that not even one drop of water has ever left the Earth's Sphere since the beginning of life on Earth? And therefore water could hold the memory of being a tree, or a drop in the Amazon river, or a faucet in Firenze, Italy, or a cloud over New York, or the sweat on a running leopard, and be at this very instant lodged in your body nourished by your thoughts!

    As long as we recognize that water is life we can at least act so that it is clearly the life that flows in each of us, without exception or place or status.

By opening our eyes, we open our heart, by opening our heart, we open its intelligence to other possibilities still forgotten! 

Reflecting on themes such as water allows us, or asks us, to go beyond purely binary analysis to associate our "scientific brain" with the more "sociological" and humain brain. Let us remember, for example, that our emotional quotient (eq) versus our intellectual quotient (iq) has indeed become the one that will allow us to make the difference - once the knowledge has been acquired in the same way, in the same high school for example - between two actors, two decision-makers, and two solution-makers. The E.Q. allows us to understand the links between the elements and not to remain confined in binary mode. Then, when we are relaxed, the hypothalamus, this gland in the brain which works for solutions, can finally unfold and satisfy us with ... the right solution! So we aim to bring together scientists, sociologists, artists, parents, teachers, industrial innovators, journalists, .. at the same table.

We call the exchange of information between different actors from different backgrounds the "Water Drop Principle". Just as a purple tinted drop of water immersed in neutral water will convey the "purple" information to the whole container. Each of us is a co-creator of change in our daily environment and in our gatherings. 

Thus, by unifying our respective talents, based on the principle of collective intelligence, and by opening up new perspectives in terms of water awareness, a turnaround can take place for the protection of our water resources in terms of quantity. But also of quality for a return to a purity of water.