Our programs, projects and events 

Our annual events  

  • Our events are mainly scientific as well as oriented towards ethics and enlightenment.

« Water is audible, it flows in sound, as far as we are concerned, we are its spokespersons ! »

   Interdisciplinary mediated conferences 

See annex page / link for the program of the 2020 conference in France. 

 Federative Water Consciousness Program FWCP

FWCP aims to bring together for limited periods, everyone actively working for water, including, scientists, media, lawyers, artists, writers, painters, technical innovators etc. See page appendix / link description FWCP

United Nations World Water Day : 

March 22

Let's move forward together towards the annual date of this global event.

History and legislation :

The General Assembly of the United Nations adopted on December 22, 1992 resolution A / RES / 47/193 which declared March 22 of each year "World Water Day", starting in 1993 , in accordance with the recommendations of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), expressed in Chapter 18 (Freshwater resources) of Agenda 21.

This resolution invited States to dedicate this day to implementing actions such as raising public awareness through publications, documentary broadcasts, the organization of conferences, round tables, seminars and exhibitions related to the conservation and development of water resources and to the implementation of the recommendations of Agenda 21

 Link : 

In view of this Day, UN-Water is launching a major global campaign via the website: : www.worldwaterday.org

In To Water wishes to present itself as coordinator for networks and information exchanges.  Thus it offers an ideal opportunity for the collective preparation of this event alongside UN-Water.

- Save the date of March 22, 2021 in your calendars now!

- Schools, families, artists, scientists, NGOs, industries, ...

Join us and tell us about your thoughts, visions, and inspirations, innovative and restorative projects to dedicate this day to the service of water.

Together let's honor our beautiful blue planet, Water, Life!

- On this day, immortalize this moment with photos, articles that we will publish on our site.

Rebroadcast other key UN events such as IWRA 2020 Online Conference : Addressing Groundwater Resilience under Climate Change "28-30 / 10/2020, replay available via the attached link. 

In To Water Anniversary :

                              Septembre 8

Each group representing "In To Water", wherever it is in the world, sets up its own meetings, when practical.. For example, in 2018 and 2019 the celebrations for water took place in France (Gulf of St Tropez, French Riviera, Savoie, Corrèze,...) and in Quebec. The type of events varied from festive to scientific, artistic, traditional (e.g. in union with the Amerindian communities of Quebec (towards BOLTON) in those two years. In 2018 in Montreal, a gathering included a choir and a group of visual artists proposing happenings on the water near the St. Lawrence.

Our programs and projects

Awards : project (in preparation)

- World Water Award

Ethics Committee: project (in preparation)

 See also the page about us ? The role of the Ethics Committee. 

We started to hold meetings as a committee of professionals and representatives of different disciplines including, scientists, lawyers and local authorities.

Remember that one of our objectives is to combine traditional knowledge with technical expertise and contemporary sciences.

In 2020 it was prepared notably by Ricardo Petrella & Pascal Lorent, other journalists and scientists were invited. 

>> 1 / Assessment of care criteria.

>> 2 / Develop the internal legislative framework for the protection of water reserves and regulated access (recognition of an annual day).

Coaching et EcoWater certification 

- Quality certification (company label), target for 2022

- Construction of a team that can provide "In To Water" COACHING to various institution (Town Halls, Universities, etc.), notably linked to "We did it ". 

Especially, in association with scientists and NGO activists already involved. 

 One of our roles will be to put them in contact with each other in order to meet the need for a support structure (and ECO WATER certification). Our founder knows this sector having worked there for several years in Asia.


General public.

. Specific

Allow them to provide our database with any relevant articles or papers , to consult with them, and invite them to participate in our events, in order to promote the actions of ITW.

- Articles

- Reports

- Books, educational games

- Collection / Memory Grand public


  • Educational support, helping to educate the general public about their own relationship with water (developing new ways of thinking about water and the way we currently use it).
  • In particular via schools and universities, encouraging them to include our philosophies in their teaching practices.

  • To make our mission "Family Friendly" : promoting the parent-child and intergenerational bond as much as possible in each of our events).

        • Transmission is one of the most important mission of Life. Like Water, give our water drops to those who need them the most  !

We did it : 

Not only do we need to understand much more about the ecological and biochemical issues of water, we also need to meet people who have taken the plunge to bring their hopes and ideas into fruition concerning this.

"We did dit" is a meeting of people who can share their achievements with us and can answer questions that other creators, future project leaders etc, may have.

This can be during a conference: reserve half a day for this type of transdisciplinary meeting.

This aspect has a direct link with innovation.

Whether artisanal, local or even industrial.

These teamwork gatherings are particularly interesting for our sponsors, including innovative ideas on:

>> Ex 1 Filters

>> Ex 2 Water reserve quality

>> Ex 3 Reduce water consumption during bottle production ... (see Coca Cola and its research on its paper bottles).

Devenir Becoming an Eco-citizen means using our talents to saveguard all living things, respecting them and taking remedial actions to protect their natural cycle. 

To Innovate is to respond INTELLIGENTLY to the needs of nature that we have FORGOTTEN ! 

To innovate is to sprinkle thoughts so that they become as visible and concrete as the ocean 

To innovate is to give free rein to the river that crosses us and to move forward togheter with alternative solutions that respect life. To create a healthier and more informed humanity, so we may uphold a sustainable and productive ethical world view. 

Our particularities, YOU!